Security Financial Services (SFS) is a leading provider of financial products, serving thousands of independent operators and merchants in the Midwest. In business since the early 1970’s, SFS began by owning and operating convenience stores and supermarkets. Today we offer a number of products and services to assist those wishing to own convenience stores and supermarkets. In addition, our business model includes financial consumer products and services, along with developing, owning, and operating hotels, parking lots, car rentals and restaurants.

SFS Inc. is headquartered in the U.S., with offices in Baghdad and direct sales and marketing specialists in the Iraqi market. Our team embodies multiculturalism – we represent multiple cultures, a wide array of business behaviors and speak different languages. We are experts in our field and understand more than anyone else the most efficient methods for communicating to businesspeople in Iraq. We know what is takes to take businesses and services across international borders. We can help your company manage multiple markets and make the right link with right customer … at the right time.

Contact us to discover how we can help your company achieve this untapped business potential. Security Financial Services, Inc. offers companies, and individuals reliable, high quality, and cost-effective international marketing and consulting services for various purposes. Our services include:

• Business Program
• Partners Link Program
• Trade Show Services for Exhibitors
• Export / Import Management
• Channel Development

Security Financial Services is uniquely qualified to conduct business in Iraq. If your goal is to take advantage of the many business opportunities available in Iraq, Security Financial Services should be the first company you contact.

Iraq is now living in an interesting era: the process of change from the "old economy" to the "global new economy" brings a tremendous development growth of e-commerce, mobility of capital, and liberalization to the region. This new global economy brings new economics, new market structures, new industry structures, and new company structures. Rather than “business as usual,” we propose new business models and are looking for like-minded companies that wish to join us in this endeavor.

SFS Inc. has been the leading American company promoting commercial ties between the U.S. and Iraq. Our contacts include an international array of corporations, consulates, chambers of commerce and government organizations – giving us an unmatched advantage in promoting American companies and exports to Iraq.



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